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Welcome to the 24-Hour Swim Challenge

Starting at 7:00 on 18th December 2023, at Ezzy's Uden

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It worked out! DTVNiuews

It worked! Teodor swims for 24 hours in a row for charity and sets another record UPDATED - Finally it is on dry land: Teodor Bogdanov, originally from Bulgaria, has swam for 24 hours in a row. If that wasn't enough, he added an extra hour to break a Bulgarian record.

Het is gelukt! Teodor zwemt 24 uur achterelkaar voor het goede doel én plakt er nog eentje aan vast voor record

UPDATE UDEN - Eindelijk is-ie op het droge: de van oorsprong Bulgaarse Udenaar Teodor Bogdanov heeft 24 uur achter elkaar gezwommen. Of dat nog niet genoeg was, plakte hij er nog een uurtje extra aan vast om een Bulgaars record te verbreken.


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All donations are being collected in a fund which will be used to support the causes we are so passionate about. It all goes to charity at the end!

*** In het Udens Weekblad***

🇳🇱 Topsporter Teodor Bogdanov, voormalig vertegenwoordiger van het Nationaal Rugbyteam van Bulgarije bereidt zich voor op 24 uur lang onafgebroken zwemmen voor het goede doel met zijn '24-Hour Swim Challenge'.

Met zijn prestatie wil de Udenaar minimaal 5000 euro inzamelen in de strijd tegen motorneuronziekten zoals ALS. Zijn uitputtende missie draait om het vergroten van het bewustzijn rondom de spierziekte en het steunen van ondermeer atleten die overstappen van cariere en het bieden van hulp aan gezinnen die te maken hebben met persoonlijke tragedies en tegenspoed. Teodor's trainingen zijn in volle gang en hij doet er alles aan om de spectaculaire, bijzondere prestatie tot een goed einde te brengen.

Strijdt samen met Teodor tegen ALS en doneer makkelijk en snel op De 24-Hour Swim Challence vindt plaats op 18 en 19 december bij zwembad Ezzy's in Uden. 🇳🇱

🇬🇧 Top athlete Teodor Bogdanov, former representative of the Bulgaria National Rugby Team, is preparing for 24 hours of continuous swimming for charity with his '24-Hour Swim Challenge'.

With his achievement, the Udenaar wants to raise at least 5,000 euros in the fight against motor neuron diseases such as ALS. His exhaustive mission revolves around raising awareness of the muscle disease and supporting athletes transitioning careers and helping families dealing with personal tragedies and adversity.

Teodor's training is in full swing and he is doing everything he can to successfully complete this spectacular, special performance.

Fight ALS together with Teodor and donate easily and quickly at The 24-Hour Swim Challenge will take place on December 18 and 19 at Ezzy's swimming pool in Uden. 🇬🇧

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24h swim challenge - The Inside Story

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24-hour swim challenge success

Teodor Bogdanov (34) from Uden is a well-known name in the Brabant rugby world. Due to a broken elbow, he has not been able to play for months. The Bulgarian international is now focusing on big sporting challenges, starting with a 24-hour Swim Challenge on December 18 and 19 in his hometown. "I don't feel any pain in my elbow when I'm swimming."

Teodor started playing rugby at the age of 18. A year later, he was already in the national team of Bulgaria. The level in the national league was not high, but that changed when he emigrated to London in 2012 where he got a contract with a university team. He later signed with a professional club. "In England, rugby is huge. It was very hard, I wasn't used to that in Bulgaria. In one of my first races, I suffered a fracture in my face."

Due to the tough battle on the field, he regularly came off the field battered. "From a meniscus injury to a rib injury, I've had it all. I have seen the inside of the operating room of the hospital several times. Injuries are part of this sport, but fortunately I have a high pain threshold."

"After running 50 kilometers, my ankle started to hurt." In 2016, he signed a contract as a player and youth coach with The Dukes in Den Bosch. The last three years, he was a player/coach at Octopus Uden. At the moment, rugby is not in the cards. "I've been out of circulation since the beginning of this year. At the beginning of 2024, I will have surgery on my elbow," he says, pointing to the fracture. "Will I return after that? I don't know yet, although I think it would be nice to play with my brother at Octopus."

Teodor was an impressive appearance with his 95 kilos. Today, the scale reads 76 kilos. That's because of his new sporting challenge: swimming for 24 hours. Every hour, after two kilometers, he gets the chance to rest and eat and drink something. "I like challenges, so I first thought about running for 24 hours. I did 50 kilometers during a training session, but then my ankle started to hurt. That's why I chose swimming, even though I hadn't done it for sixteen years."

"For fifteen years, I woke up in pain." Six days a week, he spends four to five hours a day in the Ezzy's swimming pool in Uden. "For fifteen years, I woke up in pain. Now I feel physically and mentally fitter than ever. I don't feel any pain in the pool, not even in my elbow. People around me told me to start with twelve hours, but I think that's too easy."

The son of a firefighter and a dentist, he grew up in a family that wants to help others. He also does this with his ' swimming marathon' with which he raises money for research into the nerve-muscle disease ALS. "When I see how fast the health of people with ALS is deteriorating, it's terrible," he says, wiping away his tears. "I am healthy, have a wife and two children and my brother lives near me. If I can help or inspire others even a little bit, then my goal has been achieved."


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Important notice

All donations are being collected in a fund which will be used to support the causes we are so passionate about. It all goes to charity at the end!